St Martin Marigot French Capital in the Caribbean

St. Martin catamaran charter & Caribbean kitesurfing experience, snorkle, kayak, scuba dive

Saint Martin serves as starting point of your catamaran charter and has great Caribbean kitesurfing spots close by. It is an island in the northeast Caribbean Sea, approximately 300 km east of Puerto Rico. The 87-square-kilometre island is divided roughly 60:40 between the French Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island’s traditional pre-colonial name is Oualichi which means “the island of women”. 

Catamaran charter: The yacht Sunrise - Your luxury home during the cruise

Collectively, the two territories are known as “Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten”, or sometimes “SXM”, the IATA identifier for Princess Juliana International Airport, the island’s main airport. Everyone knows the picture of the KLM 747 flying low over the beach. worldwide known photo.

More details about the Caribbean islands.

Here in St. Martin begins your never forgetting kite charter trip.

Lonely beaches on your kite charter - at Ilet Pinel in Sint Marteen

The Vibrant Cuisine of the Caribbean Islands

We could have lunch at the Karibuni restaurant which is entirely made of wood to respect the environment. Besides this insider tipp there are of course many other options to have delicious lunch. If you want to know what food specialties the Caribbean you don’t want to miss out on you can read it up here.

And here you have another Caribbean moment to just enjoy the white sand under your feet. We are surrounded by shallow turquoise water under a shiny sun. In addition a fresh cocktail in your hand (serious kiters of course can have non-alcoholic drinks) sitting on comfortable beach chairs will round everything up for a perfect holiday.

White Sunny Beaches

Our luxury catamaran yacht Sunrise is anchored at Islet Pinel, a small island for day tourists. And we recommend to start that early because in the morning before 10 am the beach only belongs to us.

We can launch our kites from the boat. You can also start from the small beach and have a nice kite session if you are up to it. Protected water behind the anchorage is a good start to get on the board. But this is just an idea. You can do anything you desire. Snorkeling, scuba diving, wakeboarding, kayaking. 

The dinghy is always in the water for those in need of assistance or beginners.

Kite Charter Safety Dinghy
Go for your dream and spend some incredible time cruising the Caribbean
Caribbean kitesurfing in crystal clear water

Kitesurfing With Coaching

We are invited back to the Sunrise for the next kite session after lunch. By the way: Willi as professional skipper and kiter can coach you if needed. He will always be available for any questions you might have.

In addition the laid-back atmosphere and surrounding natural beauty is typical of that Caribbean charm. All things put together ensure the best setting for you to have your dream vacation.

Mahi mahi

Freshly Cought Seefood

We can enjoy BBQ on the boat since kitesurfing and most of the activities make really hungry . If we see the fisherman before, with fresh caught Mahi Mahi, a local beer or french wine at sunset. 

Our next stop will be the inhabited island Tintamarre. There we find a quiet and protected anchorage behind a dream white sand beach.

Kitesurfing is at the windward side. With the dinghy we go through the little passage between the rocks and the south tip of the island and enter the from the reef protected lagoon. Normally we are alone on the beach. The tradewind blows straight from the atlantic ocean, without any interruptions. Behind the reef, water is clear and flat, and in front of the reef nice waves form to surf them or use them for big air jumps.

Once we finish relaxing, swimming/snorkelling with turtles and kiting at Tintamarre, an easy sail to St.Barth is on the list.

This is just an excerpt of a kite and sail cruise charter to be continued. You should have a good idea now of what you are going to experience cruising with us. We are looking forward to meet you and make sure your Caribbean vacation is unforgettable.

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