Kitesurf Vacation Package Sailing the yacht 2021

First Class Caribbean Vacation Package

Your vacation package will be fully customised to your liking: you tell us what you want, when, and for how long, and we make your dreams come true!

We are a unique adventure company focused on combining the relaxation of sailing the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean with the thrill and excitement of kitesurfing and exploration.

A typical cruise is 8 days / 7 nights and includes stops at 3-4 kitsurfing locations depending on the weather/wind conditions. We are flexible and happy to accommodate your wishes. If you’d rather spend more time sailing than kitesurfing, you make the call!

Fun Activities Included in Your Vacation Package

  • Kitesurfing for sure!
  • Stand up paddle board
  • Kayaking
  • Wakeboarding behind our 12 ft Dinghy with the Yamaha 25 hp 4 stroke
  • Paragliding in St.Martin (for licensed pilots)
  • Scuba diving (for licensed divers)
  • Snorkeling (fun for everyone)
  • Fishing while we are sailing
  • And relaxing, of course!
Visual glimpses of kitesurf cruise in the Caribbean

The Sunrise care package

Following is all inclusive for a worryless dream vacation

Your sailing cruise with Kite’ n’ Sail is a vacation package that includes:

  • Saloon & Staterooms for all
  • Air-conditioned cabin with comfortable bed and sheets for your privacy and restful sleep
  • Bathroom with shower and quiet electric flush accessible inside your cabin
  • Bar of soap, paper towels & sponges, and toilet paper (1 in each head)
  • Dishwashing liquid, garbage bags, and matches

Following meals and drinks are normally (*) included on board of Sunrise:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • 3 – 4 dinner / week   (*)
  • Drinking water
  • A glass of wine or beer will be served with dinner.

*Depending on the cruising grounds. You might want to try the vibrant cuisine of the Caribbean and some local specialties. 

! We operate at the highest level of safety during each trip and for every activity !

Go for your adventure and spend some incredible time on a sailing cruise in the Caribbean
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